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Business Transformation Solutions

Business Transformation Solutions (Consulting) (KPO)

Clichéd statement 'Nothing is constant, except CHANGE', but its weight & value is undeniable by anybody. This statement has single handedly changed the way leadership, organisations, corporates are looking at their processes, production, business models, and services. Other critical reasons putting pressure on the businesses are the unpredictable economic and business scenario, globalisation of market place, growing competition - from within and outside our country, cost pressures, recognition and focus towards quality and performance based awards and rewards structure. All the above and more factors are forcing the companies to relook at their current work structure and come up, devise ways to manage work more smartly, reduce avoidable costs and ensure existence and profitability.
Business Transformation Solutions
At V R Experts, we firmly believe that in today's dynamic business environment, the key to survival and continuous success is "Change & Evolution"

Everybody's endeavour is to look for smarter and intelligent ways to manage the same or increased amount of work with same or lesser number of employees. Hence, the processes / production flow are being scrutinised end to end, each step is being questioned - its need, requirement and importance to the end result and output. As such, now there is more focus and rigor around Quality, Re-Engineering, Transformation, Process Excellence.

A lot of Time, Money and Efforts are being invested to derive maximum benefits out of these endeavours. The entire exercise involves mapping all the processes / production flow end to end and identify and take out unwanted, useless process steps. Their aim is to make the process leaner, less time consuming, have only critical and necessary steps and deliver the same or increased output with better quality and without compromising on the real essence of the process.

V R Experts provides comprehensive Business Transformation Solutions and Services to help companies derive benefits by way of Process Excellence and Re-Engineering. We offer a host of services designed to help organisations / clients by mapping and analysing their processes end 2 end, waste identification, defects opportunities, useless / unwanted steps and suggest remedial action steps, best practices, optimal process flow, Re-Designing etc., so as to reap maximum benefits by way of Quality Improvement, reduction in cost, time & efforts and provide a much smarter way of doing the same work.

V R E Advantage : Business Transformation Solutions
  • Process Excellence
  • Six Sigma Quality Methodology / Framework Deployment / Mentoring and Support / Training & Certifications on Six Sigma
  • Process Re-Engineering
  • Process Improvements - Lean / Kaizen (Identification, Change & Improvement, these changes can be implemented quickly to derive savings, encourages continuous improvement)
  • Operational Transformation - Definition / Startegy / Planning / Validation / Change
  • Process Mapping / End 2 End Process Diagnostics
  • Business Process Optimisation
  • Change Management
  • Business Problem Solutions Support

Resulting In :
  • Cost Savings
  • Reduction in unwanted process / production flow steps
  • Better & Faster output churn
  • Lesser time consumption
  • Less Manpower requirement - Same amount of work done with less employees or more work done with same number of employees

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