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Customer Services / Support

Customer Services / Support

Without a doubt, Customers form one of the most essential factor for any organisation, company, business as they are responsible for the success, income, profit & growth. Infact, customers are the very reason for the survival & profitability of any trade or work.
And that's why it unimaginable to ignore them.....at any cost.

Given the unpredictability about the ever changing business & economic envoirnment in the world, all organisations / businesses have come to realise that for its existence & profitability, it is important to have a sufficient pipeline of customers, rather than having very less or not having any at all. And the key to customer acquisition, rentention & repeat business is great customer services, support & after sales service. Effective & Efficient Customer Services is of utmost importance, it doesn't matter what business, trade one is in and what product & services they are selling / offering.

Acquiring new customers is important for the business / organisation, but it is all the more crucial to retain the existing customers, because satisfied customers would not only give repeat business, but are one of the major source of getting new customers - word of mouth recommendations, positive feedback, referrals - it is this free advertisement, that will only be done by happy & satisfied customers.

It is imperative that all organisations, companies, businesses should have a committed and solid customer support / team to ensure customer delight in every single transaction / interaction, which would not only get new customers, but also work as a magnetic force to engage & retain existing customers. It is a must for every organisation - big or small to listen to the Voice Of Customer (VOC) & Feedback - positive or negative, negative specially. Dissatisfied customers can break other existing and potential new customers. Customers provide opportunities to organisations to look inwards and identify faults and correct them. "Every Complaint is an Opportunity" - Opportunity to set right, whatever is going wrong - people, practices, work ethics, behaviour etc.
Customer Services Given the above, a lot of our clients have chosen to outsource their customer services & support function to V R Experts, as we, being one of the industry veterans provide such specialised services and have years of experience & capabilities to manage service & support functions. We have been given the mantle to manage the services because it is not their core activity of our clients, they either lack expertise, resources, finances or simply don't posses indepth knowledge to have & manage such a team / department. Letting the competent & dedicated customer care professionals like us manage is the best business decision taken by them and has proved to be a win-win situation for all them.

V R Experts have been chosen over other competitiors for our 1. Years of experience & expertise in providing unparalleled services in sphere of customer services and support, 2. Return on Investment (ROI), 3. With us managing one of the most essential segment of business, we let our clients focus on their core business, services & activities, 4. Considerable cost savings, 5. Lesser in-house capabilities at client's end, 6. Customised solutions, 7. Our Domain expertise, and 8. Our ability to stay in line with the market trends, frequently changing customers needs, behaviour & demands.

Customer Services SupportV R Experts is one company, which offers such wide array of cutting edge Customer Services Solutions. None of our competitors come close to our services offered from under One Roof. Whether it is Business 2 Business or Business 2 Consumer, our skilled team is adapt at managing multiple campaigns / processes assigned to them with equal ease. Our executives strive for first call resolution and endeavour to exceed service level agreements.

Our Service Offerings : Voice Enabled & Non Voice (E-Mail / Chat) Customer Care : Inbound or Outbound

  • General Inquiry / Information Handling, Resolution Services
    • Physical presence at location or back office support services or combination of both. We also provide for Product / Service promotions etc.
  • Call / E-Mail / Chat Answering Support
    • Online, Offline, Back Office - For Small 2 Big firms, not interested in having a temporary / permanent employee managing the desk. Specially for those who - either are freelancers, do not want to have anybody on payroll, do not have a fixed office, travel too much, but still like to have a dedicated resource to manage their work.
  • 24x7 Helpdesk Services
    • Customised as per requirements of the clients - Mobile, Banks, Hospitality, Airlines, Utility, eCommerce, Emergency Services, Hospitals, which require 24 x 7 service and support. {General, Payments, Billing, Technical, Loyalty Programmes, Complaints Resolution, Product Inquiries, Product Lifecycle Support, Account Activation / Maintenance, Feedback solicitation, Virtual Executive Assistant Support & Services - IVR / Fax}
  • Customer Retention
    • Call up customers whose subscription or lease or other arrangement is expired / about to expire and work with them / help them in extending their agreement and rewards for renewing, latest offers, help them in making the payments for renewal.
  • Market Research & Analysis
    • We develop a list of questions tailored made for your needs, or help you refine your own questions so that the results you get from a survey or poll are statistically valid and can lead to the insights you're looking for.
  • eCommerce Customer Care
    • Order Taking / Cancellations, Status confirmation, General information, Product related queries etc.
  • Surveys (Voice / Chat / E-Mail)
    • Help the clients by collecting data, market trends, by getting required answers for questions from respondents using different channels - from Survey Design, Set Up to Analysis & Reporting.
  • Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Surveys / Feedback
    • Survey / Customer Feedback / Response services aimed at data Collection, Analysis & Reporting. Designed keeping in mind the CSAT data requirement of the companies
  • Sales (Up-Sales / Cross-Sales)
    • Ability to take on any sales campaigns - Up-Selling & Cross-Selling, Affiliate Marketing - voice / non voice are our specialised service offerings - Call / E-Mail / Chat Answering Support
  • Social Media Support
    • Service customised for monitoring your social media presence and we help you by increasing brand awareness through social media channels

For specific details :- Call  +1 347 352 8281. (Just get in touch to have an exclusive deal for you.)

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"I've been a client of V R Experts for 2 + years. I ask them to build for my vacation rental business a web site that would be clean, transparent, and efficient. I also asked them to make it unique so that it would stand out and be remembered. Additionally, I wished to reference it myself when my clients contacted me directly."
- G. J. Semler

"We had some very unique requirements and specific ideas and designs for our website and pretty high expectations. Tom quoted us a price, timetable and assured us that they would be able to satisfy our desires. He matched and exceeded all of our expectations and did so in a comprehensive, intelligent, kind and creative manner. We trust his word and am grateful for our experience with VRExperts. Should we need an additional website – they are the ones we will call on. Great prices too!!!"
- H Landau True North, llc

"I have had 2 websites created by VR experts and I am extremely pleased with the team who help put it all together. I am impressed with the customer service and the price point VR experts offers. The team was always there for me answering my many questions and concerns in a professional, kind and patient manner.
I would highly recommend using VR experts for your web design needs.
Thanks you guys!! I love my web sites"
- C. Martell from Kelowna, Canada

"VRE has offered us a first class professional package of web design and support at a very competitive price. It comes with a very friendly and helpful personal attention to detail by a first class team. I am delighted to recommend them."
- Charles Whittington

"Tom has been working and now has completed my web site to promote my vacation property in South of France. Tom is very good in what he does. he was very patient, and follow instructiions. he also has come up with some good suggestions. I would highly recommend anyone that needs a web site done or any other publications to work with Tom...
- Swanli Tan Jaziri

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